Sunday, August 25, 2013


So...I finished Mystic Ice. I've been working on it since May, and the really long rows slow me down. I was down to 8 shawls on the needles for about two hours before casting on Nuvem. It is a very simple wrap, but I just had to make it.

I'm using a lace weight yarn from Dye for Wool, an Etsy shop based in Germany. The colors is Dark Clouds on a Rainy Day, and it is a beautiful grey. Since I don't have quite enough in the skein, I'm getting a second skein in a grey-pink color called Dyeing Rose from the same shop. I'll be doing the outside edge and ruffle in the pink. I hope the colors match since I was unable to actually compare the yarns.

One thing I have realized from working on this, is that lace weight yarns can be tricky to work with. You'd think I would have already figured that out, considering that I have made many, many projects with lace weight yarn. I love lace weight yarn. And yet, it is very tricky when working with more than one needle of any sort. Nuvem starts out with two circulars, and suggests you work the whole thing on two. I hate working with two circular needles. So as soon as it got big enough, one needle was eliminated and now I must convince myself it does not mean I can cast on yet another shawl.

I am being sorely tempted by Sugar Plum Fairy. I have some beautiful light grey yarn by Juniper Moons Farm, Findley. So pretty. Such soft, lovely yarn to work with...oh dear, I might end up with 11 shawls going at once. Almost all of which are going to be huge.