Monday, July 8, 2013

A Small Parade...

Amazingly enough, with all the projects I have going I managed to finish a couple things

First off: Begonia. It's done. It's knitted, seamed, and washed. And it's beautiful. If I do say so myself.
 The whole vest ended up being longer than I had expected while making it, and that was good. I was afraid it might be too short.
And a close up of the small lace section in the back. This was a lovely, "mindless" knit.

Second: Semi-Precious. It was a fun knit, but required a little more attention than I was expecting. Thank goodness for stitch markers.
 The yarn was lovely to knit with, and got softer after it was washed and blocked. I was a little worried about that since the yarn felt slightly scratchy while I was knitting with it.

I was feeling great about these projects, and then I started a wrap, and a shawl, and a hat. I finished the hat. The other two projects, well, they are still on going. Which brings me up to a grand total of NINE shawls on my needles at this point. I want to start knitting the Icicles Shawl, I got some new yarn from my swap buddy, and I want to knit Nuvem. Sadly, I cannot start them yet. I must finish at least 2 shawls, and then I have at least 3 (now 4 I guess) that I have both pattern and yarn for that I should start. Nuvem must wait.

On the plus side, I did also finish the sweater dress I was making. It's hot pink. Everyone needs a hot pink sweater dress.

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