Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hide All the Ends!!

Currently, I am finishing a baby blanket. Now, this is not your usual one color blanket, which would have more than enough ends for you to hide. I decided that this should be a striped blanket. Stripes means LOTS of ends. I hate hiding ends.

I'm not sure why I hate it so much. It's not hard. Especially since I have recently learned a better, and quicker, way to do it. It takes maybe a minute per end. There is just something about it that I cannot stand. So, of course, I do stripes. I should have been smart. I should have done strips that were two rows. Then, I could have just carried the colors up. I would only have had to hide the ends of the balls of yarn. Nope. I had to do one stripe two rows, and the other stripe had to be six rows. You cannot carry yarn up a six row stripe.

The blanket is already over due, and so I can no longer put off the tedium of hiding the ends. I must suffer through it before I can start much of anything else.

I also have the horror of deciding to finish all my guilt knitting this year. That means that I am also unable to start as many other things as I would like. The guilt knitting pile is huge. I have several sweaters as well as a couple pairs of mittens and a few pairs of socks. I am not looking forward to it, hence why I haven't really started it.

The one thing I have started? A scarf for a beginning lace class I hope to teach. So, technically, it's not even hobby knitting. It's knitting for work. Sometimes, I wonder why I ever got into this. (Plus the stash needs to be reorganized.)

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